About Me

Hello, I’m Claire from Pilates with Claire.

My introduction to Pilates 15 years ago was unremarkable. I went to large classes where I was lost in a sea of people. I moved my arms and legs like the instructor and hoped I was doing it right. Eventually I stopped going.

Fast forward to the day before my wedding and severe muscle spasms in my neck and shoulder sent me scrambling to an emergency physiotherapy session for a temporary fix. Clearly I was in need of a longer term solution to undo all the years of poor posture while sitting at a desk. I wanted to give Pilates another try.

This time my experience was different – classes were small and my instructor took time to understand my injury and ensure I was doing the exercises correctly. By attending regular classes the pain eventually left my neck and shoulder as I became more flexible and stronger in my core. In addition to the physical benefits, the classes gave me a chance to relax and unwind; an added benefit in a busy world.

I wanted to do for others what my instructor had done for me and make a difference to peoples’ lives… and there began my journey as a Pilates instructor.

My experience and love for Pilates has led me to leave behind my office job and become a full-time STOTT® PILATES Certified Instructor. I am also trained in postural analysis which allows me to tailor exercises to your body’s specific requirements.

I am passionate about Pilates and enjoy learning and developing an understanding of the human body and movement, and to apply that knowledge to enhance the well-being of others.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a friendly chat about how Pilates can help you.