Videos 3 & 4 – The Standing and Chair Routine & The Leg-work Routine

Hello Everybody!  I hope you are all keeping well; physically and mentally.  I don’t know how you are finding things at the moment but I have had some good days and some days when it’s been a little bit harder, but your lovely messages have really helped so thank you.

I’ve managed to finally get out on the garden and catch up with those jobs which were long overdue and I know that lots of you have been doing the same.  I’ve also found some jobs that I need to do in the house– I have cupboards to sort and sewing projects that I have been putting off doing so I am planning on getting on with those in the next few weeks.

I’ve added a couple of extra videos today which I hope you will enjoy.  All the videos that I am posting are only meant to maintain, rather than develop, your Pilates practice but I hope that you are enjoying them all the same.

As with all my exercises, remember the rules that apply – if anything hurts or is uncomfortable, stop doing it!  If there are any elements that you would normally modify or not do, then just skip through that part of the video.

Video 3 – ‘The Standing and Chair Routine’. This is another gentle routine that works from head to toe with some stretches, some joint mobilisation and a bit of standing and balancing work at the end.  All that you need for this routine is a chair, preferably one without any arms, and yourself – no fancy props required for this one.

Video 4 – ‘The Leg-work Routine’. This routine includes side lying leg-work that targets not only the hip and leg muscles but also the abdominal and back muscles as you work to keep the upper body stable and avoid any rotation.  If you want an extra challenge you can add in the leg circles that are included, but please do listen to those hips and knees and only do what is comfortable!

I hope you all enjoy the videos and I look forward to posting again very soon.

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